CTAP , the Advanced Technology Center for Stone, is a private foundation that was created in 2002 driven by  the stone industrial sector of Andalucia.

Recovery of By-Products of the Sector

Development of projects based on sustainable use of co-products and recovery of waste. Ctap has four patents on this field.

Experimental Industrial Plant

A unique and extraordinary R&D Space. Ctap´s Experimental Industrial Plant provides to the sector over 10.000 m2 with the objetive to develop new and exclusive products.

Generation of New Materials.

Ctap promotes the research and development of new materials, with better properties and new fuctions.

Evolved Stone, New Stone Based Material. Patented by Ctap.

New materials derived from the stone with a high added value, joined with an innovative manufacturing process in automated infraestrutures.

Development of Chemical products & Mechanical Surface Treatments

Development of chemical solutions for industrial uses different sectors; natural and artificial materials, construction...


Advance Technology Center




Ctap is a Technology and Research Center open and accessible, pioneer in his projects and oriented to the innovation and to the internationalization.  Ctap has focused its efforts to improve in the new material industry, in the chemistry industry or  the valuation of sub-products, among other lines of work.

New Products and Technologies 

Nuevos Productos y Tecnología

Ctap is a dinamic and private space, which works in continuous knowledge development,  in the generation of new materials, more functional, efficient and sustainable.  This Center develops new advance technology solutions. Ctap encourages new business oportunities thanks to the research applied.  

Results Transferring

Transferencia de conocimiento

The developments generated by Ctap have the main purpose to be licensed and transferred to companies around the world. The Technology Center is a space committed with the excellence of their solutions apported  to the companies  and with projects that anticipate changes in the market.